St. Patrick’s Day: Party Must Haves!

StPatrick's Day Party.jpg

St. Patrick’s Day is less than two weeks away. If your planning to celebrate, or throw a party I’ve got your party must haves covered. If you know me you know I love a celebration. I put up some sort of decorations for every holiday. Dress up whenever required and love a festive meal or drink! So let’s break down my St. Patrick’s Day must haves!

The Goods:

Balloons: Festive balloons are a must at every party. You could even make a balloon arch. Or go the easy route (that’s normally my jam!) and buy a set. Like this one. So festive and perfect to go over your dessert table, or bar cart.

Banners: Now let’s infuse your house with GREEN! This three pack of clover banners is perfect to infuse the house with St. Patrick’s day spirit. Hang them above your windows, on your mantle, from the ceiling, and maybe in doorways. Anywhere festive!

Bar: I love a self serve bar! They are perfect for a crowd. I love gold and green for St. Patrick’s Day so naturally a gold bar cart is a must. It looks like gold is here to stay, but if your hesitant (or have a husband who says it’s too girly!) this one is a killed deal!

Drinks: Now on your bar cart, Irish whiskey and Guinness are must haves. Personally I love a whiskey decanter. It’s perfect for displaying on your bar cart year round, but at St. Patrick’s day whiskey is the only thing to fill it with. This is my favourite traditional decanter with a modern twist. The other must have is Guinness. Fill an ice bucket with bottles of Guinness a place it on the bottom level of your bar cart. It’s a perfect self serve bar set up.

Decor: Gold coins add a fun touch of whimsy. Scatter them around the house. Maybe even find a decorative pot and make your own pot of gold (who needs a Leprechaun). Bonus points if the coins are actually chocolate!

Favours: These rainbow lollipops are such a fun favour and fit perfect with a St. Patrick’s day theme. They also infuse extra colour into your decor. They are also delicious!

Ok guys those are my St. Patrick’s Day party must have. This Friday we will be talking my favourite festive food!