About Me

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Hi! I’m Danielle the face behind this blog. I love all things cooking, baking and entertaining! Filling my family and friends belly’s with delicious food brings me so much joy! I’m so happy that I get to share this with all of you too!

I live in British Columbia Canada with my husband Calvin (we just got married in June!). During the day I work full time in finance. I love numbers, but I was craving a creative outlet and that is how this blog came to be. I love spending my weekends going on walks around the lake, brunching with friends and BBQing on our deck. I like road trips, farmer markets and wine tours. I also am a sucker for celebrating, the holidays are my favourite! But honestly I’ll celebrate anything and everything!

On this blog you will find sweet and savoury recipes that I love to cook and eat at home. I love to cook with real whole ingredients, not all of my recipes are healthy but they’re made with real simple ingredients that you can find in just about every grocery store. In between recipes you’ll fine posts about my life, my house and my closet.

Im so happy you’re here and I hope you enjoy following along!