Fresh Easter Decor – 2019

Today I’m sharing a few of my favourite finds for Easter. I am slowly creating holiday decor collections for our home. I like curating my decor over time. I’ve already started buying a few new pieces for Easter. So today I thought I would share some of the items I’m loving for Easter!

Easter Decor.jpg

Floral Dinnerware – I love my classic white dinnerware, but I like adding fun plates and glasses to refresh my table for every season. I’m in love with these floral plates! I think buying half a set and placing them at every other place setting would be the perfect way to infuse fresh florals into your table scape without breaking the bank!

Egg Decor – Ok I loved decorating eggs when I was a kid but that’s not really my cup of tea anymore. So I’ve started collecting glass eggs to display around the house. I love these pastel ones!

Linen Napkins – I love a cloth napkin! I know it’s a little extra but I love them. Both of my Grandma’s used them and I loved rolling them and setting the table. I got linen napkins as a wedding gift and we use them all the time. I think these pretty pink ones would be perfect for Easter!

Pastel Candles – When I came across these tiny tapers I fell in love. I’m not much of a taper fan, but these may have just converted me. Seriously cute and along a long table. Perfection!

Candy Dish – I love a festive candy dish! And without one what would you put the mini eggs in? That’s a serious question. I think this is super cute and functional!

Place Card Holders – Ok I’m a fan of a seating plan. I’m kind of a master of them! Not to brag but many people told me how good I planned the seating for our wedding. I think it’s fun to put out name cards for holidays and events. Simple printable cards are what I use, so a fun festive holder is a must! Bunny ears! How adorable! I also love the mix of natural wood with the pastels whites and florals.

Ok guys, there you have it, my picks for Easter decor!

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